Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Edmond Kachale: From Health Informatics to Enterprise Informatics

My beloved readers,

I would like to make a few announcements:
  • As some of you may have noted, I have been hired by NBS Bank Malawi LTD. Beginning from  18 July 2011, I will be working enterprise information systems for the bank. These will range from web based, through to desktop and mobile apps. These systems will provided services within the bank, cross-bank transactions as well as e-banking (e.g:  online payments of services). Due to this change of interest, I will not be actively developing health informatics systems as I used to. However, I will still be making contributions where possible.
  • As a natural language enthusiast, I will still be developing and maintaining  my natural language applications. This is one of the greatest contributions I feel I can make to the world apart from my routine businesses. As usual, I will be posting developments here to keep you updated. For those that love toying around with code, I will hosting source code for selected applications on my Github repository. I hope you will enjoy not only using the code but also contributing to it.
  • For obvious reasons :-), I have reduced Ruby development. Currently, I have switched to PHP and .NET. Honestly, I do not find PHP as exiting as Ruby, but the conditions have forced me to make this change. So far,  I have not found a better PHP framework like Ruby on Rails (I know Symfony and CakePHP are trying their best, but they haven't reached there!!).
 I appreciate your wonderful support in my open source development.

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